Proposing an Impact Engine

A successful Impact Engine focuses on a real-world problem. It may align around an entire global problem or focus on solving a contained, related issue.

Impact Engines must address global challenges or societal needs, and make meaningful impact in people’s lives.

They must represent an area where we have existing strength with deep involvement from multiple interdisciplinary researchers and external partnerships.

Impact Engines must be a problem space where, with focused investment, Northeastern can become an impact leader.

What to Include in Your Proposal

In order to best communicate your idea, proposals must be submitted in the templated PowerPoint format, and we ask you to only include the following slides in your proposal:   

Overview, Problem, Context, and Solution

Impact Engine Team  
List the key members of the current team 

Describe the broader circumstances that form the need for your Impact Engine  

What is the specific problem in the world to solve or the opportunity to seize?   

What is your specific solution to address this problem or seize the opportunity?  

Why is this solution unique?  


Partnerships and Competitive Advantage

What internal/external partners will you collaborate with to address the problem/opportunity?  

Competitive Landscape
What are the competing solutions/approaches to this problem/opportunity?  

Current Status & Accomplishment to Date
What has been accomplished to date?  

Why Northeastern?
How will this position Northeastern to be the leader in this area? 



Metrics, Resources, and Budget

What learning opportunities will this Impact Engine provide?  

Metrics & Success
How will the success of your Impact Engine be measured? 

Prior Funding and Prior Proposals Submitted
Please list any funding and proposal applications you have submitted related to this Impact Engine, such as grants, private donors, corporate partnerships, etc. 

Milestones, Resources & Budget
What resources are needed to achieve 1-, 3- and 5-year milestones? Please download and complete this spreadsheet. 


Proposal Process Timeline

Are you ready to submit your Impact Engine Proposal?

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