Affordability and Flexibility

Affordability is a cornerstone of A2M. Students in the A2M program receive multi-faceted support on their path to earning a degree: 

  • Scholarship funding of up to 100% 
  • Opportunities for partial tuition remission 
  • Funding from partners as the Akamai Foundation and the Herb and Maxine Jacobs Foundation 
  • University aid 
  • Additional support towards textbooks, childcare, and other needs 

Since every person’s path is different, each person on the A2M track has a different set of needs. That’s why eA2M has built Wrap Around Services, brought in Navigators to help guide A2M learners by providing 1:1, individualized support. So far, we’ve been able to dramatically reduce the cost of education for A2M students. 

In the A2M Biotechnology program, qualifying students who receive Associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees pay just $16,500, which represents a 78% discount from listed tuition. Through our partnership with the Herb and Maxine Jacobs Foundation, we are able to allay costs even further.  

In Miami, the Antonio G. Gomes and Maria Cristina de Souza A2M Scholarship Fund and the Miami Excellence Scholarship Fund offer supplemental funding opportunities for students enrolling in the Miami campus during 2024 that could cover up to their entire tuition cost. 

The Roxbury A2M Workforce Accelerator provides qualifying students with scholarships of up to $10,000 per year as well as wrap-around supports such as career, academic and financial aid advising, textbooks, transportation, child-care vouchers, computers and other technology, and the services of a dedicated program success coach. 

For students in A2M4Tech, an Akamai Foundation grant provides scholarships, Wrap Around Services, career coaching and mentorship, curricular updates, and financial support for day-to-day expenses such as textbooks and transportation. 

Students should fill out and submit the FAFSA promptly to ensure they are maximally eligible for federal aid such as Pell Grants.  

Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies (CPS) was created with the lifelong learner in mind. Of the 257,000 students who have taken CPS courses, many have balanced full-time—sometimes multiple—jobs, parenthood, and countless other responsibilities. Because we meet you where you are, most CPS curricula offer:  


  • Hybrid in-person/online classrooms 
  • Early evening scheduling options 
  • Financial support towards textbooks, childcare, and other needs 
  • Flexible advising and tutoring support 
  • Hundreds of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree pathways 
  • Hands-on experiential learning opportunities 

Theory of Action


At the eA2M Impact Engine, we believe in empowering students to take the future into their own hands. Therefore, we provide the support they need to stay engaged, succeed in an academic environment, obtain the skills to thrive in their chosen career, and achieve financial agency. 

eA2M harnesses the power of a Northeastern University education to empower career trajectories in sectors with high demand for skilled workers. In turn, eA2M graduates provide incalculable enrichment to their communities—including their Northeastern University community. 

How do we curate partnerships?
  • Develop agreements with community colleges based on regular contact, mutual support, and student-focused infrastructure 
  • Work with industry and government partners to provide generous financial support to students  
  • Source and grow partnerships with community organizations via personalized, consistent communication 
How do we connect with prospective students?
  • Enact an individualized recruiting strategy to welcome students likely to seek degree pathway 
  • Shake each of their hands  
  • Maintain consistent engagement and present a clear value proposition 
  • Make the application process easy 
  • Create pathways for students to pursue credentials at multiple levels  
How do we build a system of academic support?
  • Build strong resource networks students can access easily with the help of a Navigator 
  • Provide high quality instruction by responsive faculty in hybrid classrooms 
  • Maintain learner centrism and prioritize agility when responding to learner needs 
  • Make data-driven learning decisions while providing timely and collaborative academic feedback  
How do we provide individualized support?
  • Ensure students can leverage Navigators 
  • Create accessible avenues for 1:1 learner engagement such as hybrid office hours and flexible tutoring 
  • Provide 1:1 mentorship opportunities, connection to affinity groups, robust networking opportunities, and meaningful career advising 
  • Focus on experiential learning with XN projects and Co-op opportunities 
  • Celebrate student success 

Theory of Action


Wrap Around Support

To help meet the high expectations of Northeastern’s academic programs, A2M students need a high level of support. With assistance from their Navigator, help is available for every dimension required to thrive as a student.

With wrap around support, eA2M promises to give students the tools, space, and resources to successfully complete their bachelor’s degree and prepare for entry into the workforce or a master’s degree program. We believe students deserve access to job opportunities, a transformed income, upward mobility, and the chance to make a contribution to their fields. They shouldn’t have to get there alone.  


Navigators are crucial to the ability of each student to access the resources they need to succeed at Northeastern and beyond. Simply put, the Navigator is a person to whom students can turn for help with anything they need. 

Navigators understand the scope of university and community resources so students can focus on their courses and their lives. From “How can Northeastern assist with childcare?” to “Which elective is best for my chosen career?” and everything in between, A2M students know where to go with any question they might have.