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Healthcare Enabled by AI in Real Time

The Healthcare Enabled by AI in Real Time Impact Engine, or HEA(RT), believes the most effective approach to addressing challenges in the recovery lifecycle of heart surgery patients is through AI-enabled healthcare.


Healthcare in the United States is confronting an existential challenge. It needs to become more precise and tailored, continuous rather than episodic, proactive rather than reactive, more equitable, and more cost-effective. The Healthcare Enabled by AI in Real Time Impact Engine believes the most effective approach to addressing these challenges is through AI-enabled healthcare.


HEA(RT) will focus on the recovery lifecycle of heart surgery patients. Data confirms both poor patient outcomes while in acute care for cardiac surgery and high readmission rates once they are discharged.


By leveraging internal and external partnerships and expertise, HEA(RT) will develop and validate predictive machine-learning algorithms applied to real-time Electronic Health Records (EHRs), vital-signs, physiological waveform, and wearable mobility data from patients in the Maine Medical Center Cardio-Thoracic ICU (CT-ICU). This Impact Engine will perform the first full study that includes algorithms as part of the healthcare team and patient recovery lifecycle.


This Impact Engine will help caregivers reduce occurrences of adverse events in the CT-ICU due to better prediction models.

This solution will also reduce costs due to reduction in adverse events from CT-ICU patients.

In the future, HEART will scale this to the life-cycle of a patient’s transition through care to include rehab and transition to home.


Roux Institute Researcher to Capture Real-Time Data from ICU Monitors for Better Patient Outcomes

Rai Winslow, director of life science and medicine research at Northeastern’s Roux Institute, is leading a research project at MaineHealth that will capture and crunch data from ICU monitors to identify cardiothoracic patients at risk of adverse outcomes. Winslow is a national expert in computational medicine.


Raimond Winslow, PhD

Dir. Life Sciences & Medical Research, Roux Institute | Professor of Bioengineering


Eugene Tunik, PhD

Professor, Bouvé College of Health Sciences | Assoc. Dean for Research and Innovation & Dir AI+Health, EAI



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