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Community to Community: Policy Equity for All

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Policy Fellow Nneka Allen-Harrison discusses her employment research at Juneteenth event

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C2C is proud to support Summer Youth Employment in Boston and Oakland. You can support our community’s youth  by contributing to the C2C Impact Fund!

Inequity is a leading problem of our time.
Public policy is a solution. 

​Community to Community (C2C) uses data and analysis to design, implement, and evaluate  public policies that push the needle forward on complex problems found in urban areas. We are scholars, researchers, policymakers, students, and community organizers working together to utilize a community-engaged research approach that fosters long term mutually beneficial partnerships. 


We envision a world connected by thriving communities where shared knowledge creates equitable access to purpose, power, and prosperity.


Our mission is to understand and address social disparities by fostering trusting relationships between academic researchers and community or government partners. Centering the wisdom of community voices, we co-create research evidence that advances equitable practices and policies in the places our university calls home. 


What is needed to drive societal impact?
Bridging the gap in public policy. 

Local policymakers often lack rigorous data and analysis about which policies are most effective, yet academics typically do not apply their knowledge to the most pressing policy issues in these local contexts, creating a gap between knowledge and practice.​

C2C responds to real-world policy problems and creates societal impact through a fundamental shift in the way community-engaged research is conducted. Our iterative engage-think-do model promotes the co-production of policy analysis and implementation by connecting real-world practitioners that are closest to the problems with academics skilled in data and analysis. We use program evaluation and research evidence to fuel policy changes and fund programs that are driving societal impact. Every successful partnership gets us one step closer to the world we envision.


Adam Gamoran

President, William T. Grant Foundation

“Research conducted in partnership with public agencies finds a ready audience for action. Our foundation supports research that yields high profile findings. One example is summer youth employment opportunities in Boston. We had a study by Alicia Modestino, an economist at Northeastern University, showing that investments in summer youth employment payoff for less crime and more educational attainment, and she’s continuing that work in Boston.”

Rashad Cope

Deputy Chief of Worker Empowerment, City of Boston

“Before partnering with Northeastern, anecdotally, we knew a lot of challenges existed for youth to access the program, but it was very difficult to communicate these challenges from a policy standpoint to our administration without data to back it up. We were excited to lean on Northeastern to add credibility to this work and to the challenges that we know existed, so we could really develop a plan to address some of these issues. Now we have recommendations around ways we can centralize some of these processes through a common intake and have a system that serves as a depository of all youth applicants, so we can better see inequities that may exist, and see ways we can really improve the program.”

Sofia Navarro

Executive Director, Oakland Workforce Development Board

Local government and university partnerships are essential to expanding social equity in our cities. The City of Oakland is fortunate to partner with C2C Northeastern to advance economic and workforce development goals through co-convening aligned stakeholders and building policy solutions that center evidence-based research and community voice. We are inspired by the results C2C has achieved in Boston to expand summer youth employment and we hope to incorporate insights from that work here in Oakland..”