• Submission:
    An Impact Engine proposal arrives in the system via the submission website.  
  • Refinement:
    The support team will work with the submitting faculty member(s) as needed to refine the proposal prior to advancing the proposal to the next stage. 
  • Cabinet Calibration:
    The Provost shares the Impact Engine proposal with Officers to get a high-level read on breadth.
  • Dean Evaluation/Feedback.
    The Provost shares Impact Engine proposal with Deans. They will receive a link to a Smartsheet site that has the proposal slide deck and where they may provide the applicant input and recommendations including additional faculty who may want to join the Impact Engine as well as expert reviewers who can weigh in on the concept. If the proposal is outside of your expertise, no input or recommendation is required.
  • Technical Review. ADRs collectively recommend three domain experts from the Deans as well as their own recommendations. The Support Team reaches out to the three domain experts for input and recommendation.
  • Decision. The Provost in consultation with the Deans and the university officers will accept, decline, or ask for revision and resubmission.



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