FAQ: Seed Grants & Policy Fellowships

Q1: The instructions state that applicants need a partnership with “city agency, state department, or community-based organization”, can this include partnerships with non-US departments? 

A1: The partnership can be with a government or community-based agency relevant to the researcher’s home campus location, including those outside of the US. 

Q2: For training around finding policy partners, would C2C be able to help with international partnerships?  

A2: The training is more generic and is not about finding a particular partner, but how to approach any policy partner. This could apply to international partnerships. 

Q3: Can faculty who have received a C2C seed grant in the previous award cycle apply for funding from C2C a second time?   

A3: We intend for seed grants to help prepare faculty to apply as policy fellows in the following year, and we encourage current seed grantees to apply for a policy fellowship. Faculty can apply for a seed grant a second time, but C2C’s selection committee will prioritize those who have not yet received funding from C2C. 

Q4: Are there specific requirements for using the funds?

A4: You can use your funding for any expenses related to your proposed project! This can include travel, purchase of data or software, materials, participant recruitment, and funding for students as research assistants. We only require that a detailed report of their use is shared with C2C by the end of the funding period (for this upcoming cycle, April 30, 2025).