Connect with a Faculty Member

There is power when practitioners and academics work in partnership to solve today’s most pressing problems. But it all starts with listening! Our  projects are research-based but client-oriented so that solutions are co-designed from the start, informed by data and analysis, and ready to be implemented. This is how together we can move the needle and make steady progress on intractable issues in areas such as affordable housing, crime, opioid addiction, and workforce development.

    • Our projects range in scale and scope with “no wrong door” for practitioners:
    • Quick advice or consultation with a faculty expert
    • Small engagements of 1-2 semesters suitable for a co-op student, capstone team of master’s students, or as part of a PhD student dissertation
    • Larger projects that span one or more years and involve faculty experts as principal investigators, often with external funding

Our affiliates span a variety of fields including criminal justice, economic development, healthcare, housing,  STEM education, and workforce development with expertise in impact analysis, program evaluation, data visualization and mapping, qualitative methods (e.g., interviews, focus groups),  quantitative methods (cost/benefit analysis, statistics), and more specialized skills pertaining to their field of study.

We want to put our best community engaged research faculty on real projects in the community and connect them with practitioners like you. We invite you to connect with a faculty member using the link below.