C2C Impact Engine Oakland Spring Conference

Policy Equity for All:

Advancing Economic & Workforce Development Opportunities

Featured Speakers

We are grateful and humbled to share that we have 30+ presenters, speakers, and panelists contributing their experience and expertise

Dr. Kimberly Mayfield

Deputy Mayor, City of Oakland

Sofia Navarro

Int. Director, Economic and Workforce Development, City of Oakland

Nwamaka Agbo

CEO, Kataly Foundation

Carolyn Johnson

CEO, Black Cultural Zone

Dr. Noha Aboelata

CEO, Roots Community Health

Ahmed Ali Bob

Global Social Impact Lead, Block, Inc.

Christie Chung

Executive Director, The Mills Institute at Northeastern University, Professor of Psychology

Treva Reid

Councilmember, City of Oakland

Ben Wanzo

Co-Founder, ESO Ventures

Alfredo Matthew III

Co-Founder, ESO Ventures

Carrie Maultsby-Lute

Head of Partnerships, Northeastern Oakland

Talia Nagar

Senior Program Officer, Tipping Point Community

Eric Shanks

Former Executive Director, Cypress Mandela, Inc.

Joseph A. Billingsly

Director of Community Engagement, Civicorps

Glendie Domingo

Director, Climate Careers, Rising Sun Center for Opportunity

Dr. Joan Fitzgerald

C2C Policy Fellow and Author of Greenovation, Emerald Cities

Quinallison Dovey

Program Analyst, City of Oakland

Thomas Lee

CEO, First Place for Youth

Damon Packwood

Co-Founder, Gameheads

Selena Wilson

Chief Executive Officer, East Oakland Youth Development Center

Melanie Moore

Chief Executive Officer, Oakland Thrives

Candice Elder

Founder, East Oakland Collective

Barrie Hathaway

CEO, JobTrain

Shayna Hirshfield-Gold

Climate Program Manager, City of Oakland

Rondy Isaac

Co-Director, Black to Yoga; Founder, Barbershop Yoga

Nicholas Brown

Youth Program Supervisor, Lao Family Community

Ximena Montes

Associate Director, The Unity Council

And more! See the event registration page for details.

Panel Discussions

Climate + Jobs: Advancing Equitable Green Economies – Equitable Policies to Meet Emission Resolutions

Youth + Opportunity: Expanding Summer Youth Employment

Housing + Employment: Strategies for Policymakers

Equity, Entrepreneurship + AI: Creating Educational Pathways to Prosperity

Conference Objective:

To convene key stakeholders to advance programs, expand outcomes, deepen trust and goodwill between diverse sectors toward building effective communities of practice, and provide important resources for participants.

All community organizations, policymakers, educators, students, service providers, local leaders and organizers are invited!

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