Support Summer Youth Employment through the C2C Impact Fund!

Even in good economic times, over half of unemployed teens report they have trouble finding their first job—confirming that there are fewer pathways for teens to enter the workforce, especially for those living in high-poverty neighborhoods. Currently, the youth unemployment rate is over 12 percent for 16-19-year-olds and over 15 percent for African American and Hispanic teens. We have got to do everything we can to make sure that our young people have the jobs they need to pay for a college education and to move up the economic ladder – but we need your help!

Last summer, we employed over 150 low-income youth across our Boston and Oakland campus locations through our Learn and Earn summer program. Students participated in paid experiences for 25 hours per week, either working as an intern on campus or in our Bridge to Calculus program to prepare them for both college and careers.

Why invest in summer youth employment? Our research has shown that the program positively impacts a range of economic, academic, and criminal justice outcomes for youth. But even more compelling are the lived experiences of the youth themselves who find connection, community, mentorship, and learning through their summer experiences—all while earning a paycheck!

“It was a good opportunity to get into college life and to network — it helped us get a lot of great connections.”

Anari Pope, Boston Participant

I am very thankful for this experience and the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone.

-Karla De La Cruz, Oakland Participant

Recognizing the importance of this work, the City of Boston announced the Mayor’s Youth Job Guarantee, a pledge that any eligible Boston Public Schools student who wants a summer job can get one. This year we aim to support Boston as an employer partner while also doubling the number of youth served in our Oakland program.

Please considering donating – any amount helps!

$20 provides lunch for one food insecure youth!

$50 helps sponsor our weekly career and college readiness workshops!

$100 supports our End-of-Summer celebration for these amazing youth!

$2500 supports one additional youth participant!

All donors will be listed on our website, featured in our newsletter, and honored at our End-of-Summer Celebration!