Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What documents to I need to provide to be hired as a SuccessLink youth employee and how do I submit them?

Required documents are detailed in the SuccessLink Youth Employee Documents Checklist, these include:

      • Proof of US Citizenship or Resident Alien Status & Age
      • Social Security Card
      • Massachusetts Youth Employment Permit (if under 18)
      • SuccessLink Youth Employee Contract, signed by you & parent/guardian (if under 18)
      • Proof of School Enrollment & Boston Residency

Q2. What is Workday and how do I get hired by Northeastern?

Workday is the online platform used by Northeastern University, and many other major employers, for hiring and HR processes.

After you have applied online and been offered a spot in the Bridge to Calculus program OR have been through two interviews and offered an internship with a Northeastern department, you will be asked to submit an official job application on the Workday platform.

    1. You have already accepted this position and will be working with us, this step is a formality to get your information into our internal systems.
    2. When asked about your previous work experience, feel free to skip and move on. This is not a required section.
    3.  After you have submitted your application, you will receive an offer letter through the web portal. Offers must be approved, so you please wait to receive your offer letter.
    4. Once you receive your offer letter, accept it.
    5. If you are under 18, both you and your parent/guardian will need to sign the offer letter and upload it to the Workday portal.
    6. This can be printed and signed or signed electronically with an e-signature platform (such as DocuSign). – If you don’t have a printer at home, your local Boston Public Library branch is a great place to print!

Following this step, Northeastern University staff must review the information in your offer letter, so you will have to wait until this review has been completed to continue with the onboarding process. You will receive further instruction following this review, but can preview upcoming steps in this document: Onboarding Steps.


Q3. When is the orientation?

SuccessLink youth employees are required to take part in orientation from July 1-3, 2024 from 9am to 5pm daily. Participation in the full orientation is required for youth working as interns; Bridge to Calculus students must take part in orientation from July 2-3. Lunch will be provided daily.


Q4. What is my work schedule and where should I go on the first day of work?

Your work schedule will depend on the program you are in and the department for which you are working. Youth employees working as interns in Northeastern departments will meet with someone from their office and learn where they should report to work during orientation, before the first day of work.

The Bridge to Calculus program begins June 24 and ends August 9, Monday to Friday with breakfast at 7:15 and program activities until 1:00pm, five days per week.

July 8 to August 16, interns working in Northeastern departments in administrative, communications, research, & service-orientated positions will work 20-25 hours per week.

    • Job schedules vary with regular hours Monday to Friday between 8:30am to 5:00pm.
    • You exact schedule will depend on the department you are working in, so please talk to your supervisor for more information.

For youth working in internships on campus, Thursdays from July 11 to August 15 from 12:30pm to 4:30pm, we will host mandatory, paid workshops and activities for all youth employees on campus. These will include fun team building activities, career development and exploration, social justice topics, and community service. (Does not include Bridge to Calculus students).


Q4. What is the dress code from my job?

In general, we recommend a business casual dress code from interns. However, as interns are working in different departments and work settings, so please you ask the supervisor in your department if they have any specific dress code. Business casual is a blend of business and less formal clothing, generally pants or a skirt with a collared shirts or blouse, or dresses are considered appropriate business casual attire.